About Us

We are the Rohnert Park Pickleball Club and we believe that pickleball is the best game on earth. It’s fun! It’s healthy! It’s challenging! And most importantly, pickleball gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to spend fun, quality time with friends and family.

The early days of pickleball in Rohnert Park

  • Bill “Mr. Pickleball” Petrie discovers pickleball in Santa Rosa in August 2016 and decides to bring the sport to his hometown of Rohnert Park.
  • By November, Bill is given permission from the Callinan Sports Center to play pickleball in the gymnasium with 3 temporary nets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays. A dedicated group of about 40 people were attending the indoor pickleball sessions and begin learning this sport together.
  • Also in November, Bill appears before the City of Rohnert Park Council and the Parks & Recreation Commission to lobby for the conversion of tennis courts to outdoor pickleball courts.
  • April 2017 RP Park & Recreation recommends to the City Council to convert some tennis courts to pickleball courts. Council approves the funds and project in 2018.
  • Two year process to get 2 of the 4 dilapidated Sunrise Park tennis courts converted to pickleball.
  • 2019 the courts finally open….and pickleball begins outside.  Until 2020 and the pandemic ended the play altogether.
  • The State’s Covid level changes from red to orange and pickleball is once again permitted outside.
  • Sunrise Park becomes pickleball central for RP with 6 dedicated courts and 6 temporary courts.
  • Ambassadors Bill Petrie and Molly Pengel are set in place to oversee our new courts, club and pickleball community in Rohnert Park.
  • Beginners clinics, drills and skills, daytime open play, round robins and night time play all up and running in RP.
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